Name: Baloo

Age: 6 months

Vaccinated: Y

Neutered: N

Microchipped: Y

Location: Blackpool

About Baloo

Baby Baloo is just 6 months old and has come into our care as an emergency last week. He has already seen more heartache and cruelty than any dog ever should have, never mind a puppy!

Baloo is just adorable. He loves everyone and everything, but what puppy doesn’t? Considering the terrible life he has led he is so trusting of people and wants to please you in everything.
Baloo is looking for a home where someone will be around for most of the day. As sweet as he is, we must remember he is an Akita and bears the usual traits. Secure 6ft fencing is a must as is the commitment to take him to puppy classes and stuck with it.  He has missed out on some of the valuable early training so training classes are a mandatory requirement of his adoption. Baloo has never lived alone and is looking for a family with a nice friendly spayed female dog who he can learn from and play with. He can live with children aged 8 years and over. He could also potentially live with a cat as he was fostered with 2 short term but did give chase if the opportunity arose, so bear this in mind.
Before applying to adopt Baloo, please make sure you fulfil the adoption criteria and are able to commit to his needs fully.
Although Baloo’s brother has stayed with his rescuer we are in touch and are providing full rescue back up to him as well in case he ever needs us.
If you tick all the boxes for Baby Baloo and he ticks the boxes for you then please complete the adoption form