cuber n Flo 4.jpg
cuber n Flo 6.jpg

Name: Kuber and Flo

Age: 8 and 6 yo

Vaccinated: Y

Neutered: Y

Microchipped: Y

Flo and Kuber 😍

Kuber is absolutely adorable, he’s a really friendly boy with a sweet nature. He walks nicely on the lead and just takes in everything around him.

Flo is a real cheeky girl who oozes personality and humour. She’s a funny little thing who just makes everyone laugh. She has beautiful white eyelashes, some think they make her eyes look strange, we think they make her look beautiful.

Flo has a great big grin because poor Kuber has had to part with some valuables and she thinks it’s hilarious!

Flo is also blowing coat which is something we didn’t think would happen for a long time given the condition her skin was in when she arrived. All those red patches turned pink, and now they are gone and she is looking absolutely brilliant. We are so thrilled for her.

The pawsome duo are looking for a home where they will be able to stay together. Class clown Flo couldn’t care less but Mr Kuber needs his Queen and gets upset without her. They would need to be the only pets in the home and could live with children aged 12 years and over.

Neither Flo nor Kuber will ask for anything more than affection, a comfy bed near you and good grub. In return they will shower you will love, loyalty and hours and hours of amusement.

They will make a great addition to any home so if you think they are the pair for you then please complete the adoption form.