Name: Sarge

Age: 7yo

Vaccinated: Y

Neutered: Y

Microchipped: Y

About Sarge

This is a tale of a dog....a dog with such a sad sad story to tell. Grab your tissues and prepare yourselves! Sarge is 7 years old and for the first 6 1/2 years of his life he has lived as a happy boy with a human Dad that he adored and who adored him more. Then one day his World fell apart when his Dad suddenly passed away. 4 days this beautiful loyal dog lay next to his owner waiting for someone to find them and help. A neighbour and family friend took pity on him and offered to take him into her home. Brilliant. Yes? Sadly no! One of the ladies children was so scared of him that he had to be kept outside in the garden. He came in occasionally but was so stressed that he started to display unwanted behaviour in the home such as crying and having the occasional accident and then he became a full time outside lonely dog on a chain. So fast forward 6 months, the lady who tried so hard to help him and who had the very best of intentions reached out for help. This isn’t the life she wanted for him, he deserves so much better. We were asked if we could take him but sadly we were out of space, so what we would normally do here is assess him and start the search for a forever home. How could we leave him living like that? This beautiful loyal proud animal? Yup you got it, we couldn’t! So without further ado please welcome Sarge into SCAR care. A big thank you to Dawn and Mark who have opened their hearts and home to him while he waits for his furever home. At 7 years old we know that Sarge will be a harder to rehome dog, but in true SCAR style we don’t care! He’s been through enough and we will make sure he has a happy ever after. Sarge can live with well behaved teenagers so if you think he is the one for you click on the adopt button and apply.