Age: 7 Months

Vaccinated: Yes

Neutered: No

Microchipped: Yes

Location: Blackpool

Luna | Second Chance Akita Rescue

Luna is 7 months old and is looking for a new family as the other dog in the home has decided that she wants Luna gone. She is a very typical, bouncy fun-loving puppy. She is currently going through the mouthing and “I’m not listening to you” stage and is exercising her right to be an independent thinker. The World is just a great place for Luna, and she loves life.
Luna is very friendly and thinks everything is a game. She is keen to learn, and this eagerness will make training really rewarding for both her and her new family. A commitment to attending training classes is a must with Luna as is strong 6-foot fencing. Due to Luna being a bit mouthy and a miss giddy pants she will not be placed with children under 10 years of age. She could potentially live with a nice natured, calm neutered male after a successful introduction. No kitty cats please as they will just make life even more fun. Luna is a long coat Akita and as she gets older, the full length and thickness of her coat will come in. It is important that her new family consider this and continue with gentle brushing daily, especially the tail and behind the ears. If lovely Luna is the girl for you then please complete the adoption form