Re-home Your Akita


We understand that rehoming your Akita isn't an easy decision to make and is often the last resort for you and your family. Second Chance Akita Rescue has a wealth of knowledge and will work to find the best home possible for your Akita in the quickest time possible. 

Rehoming Agreement:


I understand that by submitting my dog's details to Second Chance Akita Rescue (SCAR), I am asking and authorising SCAR to find a new home for my Akita by advertising its details on the website and by any other means they chose to engage.


I understand that I will not receive any financial reward from Second Chance Akita Rescue or the adopter following the successful rehoming of my Akita. I also agree to inform  Second Chance Akita Rescue should I rehome my dog myself within 24 hours of doing so.