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Meet Lucy

Sex: Female

Age: 11 weeks

Neutered? No

Vaccinated? Yes

Microchipped? Yes

Can live with other dogs? Yes

Can live with children? 8+

Location: Wales

Moosy Lucy❤️

11 week old Akita/husky Moosy Lucy is a sensitive sweet little lady who likes nothing more than to have a cuddle with her humans. 

She could live with a neutered well mannered male dog. She could also potentially live with a cat and children aged 8 years and over. She has extremely sharp teeth and isnt afraid to use them which will be frightening and painful for young children. 

Her new family will need to be around for most of the day as  puppies will develop separation issues if left for too long which may in turn result in health issues. 

A firm commitment to training is a must. Puppy classes is a condition of adoption for all puppies rehomed by SCAR. These classes will help you bond with your new puppy and will help teach him to grow into a well balanced and social adult Akita.

There is an obligation to spay Moosy Lucy once she is old enough or at a time stipulated by SCAR. This is non negotiable and must be adhered to. She is microchipped and fully vaccinated.

Her new home should have a garden with a secure 6ft boundary all the way round.

This beautiful girl is a blank canvas and will reflect the effort that you put into her training and socialisation. She is a typical bitey baby with inquisitive natures and a love of all things loud and squeaky!

She is currently in foster in Wales.

If you think Moosy Lucy is the girl for you then please complete the adoption form.

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