Romi has recently come into our care after his owner could no longer keep him due to the youngest child in the home being allergic. If we had not taken him them he would have been surrendered to a high kill shelter in Budapest, Romania. He made the mammoth 4 day journey and arrived with us on 09/08. He's very typical of a Japanese Akita Inu and doesn't want to get his little toes dirty! So much so we have nicknamed him Prince Posh Paws. He isn't yet available for adoption but first impressions are that hes a fantastic boy and is going to make a great addition to his forever home. He is a firm favourite at kennels with everyone who meets him being totally smitten! He will soon be available for adoption so keep an eye out for updates.



Lacey is a 2 year old Akita who joined us on 23/07 from a council pound after it was discovered that her and her sister were not being cared for as they should have been. Lacey was a very timid girl who was afraid of everything outside of the four walls she was living in. With time, patience and reassurance from the wonderful Pieter & Helen at kennels, Lacey has soon discovered that the outside World is a wonderful place with so much to do and enjoy. She is loving her walks and is really starting to enjoy life. Lacey will be available for adoption in a couple of weeks so do keep an eye on our page for updates of when this is.

Rosie 3.jpg


Rosie is a 2 year old female Akita who cam into our care with her sister Lacey on 23/07 from a council pound after it was discovered that she wasn't being cared for as she deserved to be. Rosie was terrified of everything, except other dogs. When she arrived she had to be carried into her kennel. Getting her to go for a walk was a challenge as every time she left the kennel grounds she would just hit the deck in fear of the undiscovered World. As with her sister, plenty of encouragement and reward has now seen her confidence blossom. As you can see from the attached picture complete with curly tail, she is really starting to enjoy her walks and time out of the kennel. She is a really sweet girl and we are thrilled with how well she is coming along. Rosie wont be ready for rehoming as quick as her sister Lacey, but do keep an eye out for updates.