1st one for 2021

Who is that in the distance on this beautiful morning ?

It’s only our beautiful Sky with our Jo.

Sky has had a visit to the vet this week and she wowed the pants off everyone there. The veterinary staff found out what we already knew - what a darling girl she is. She behaved impeccably and stunned them with her fabulous looks and deportment. Sorry the photo doesn’t do her justice but next week she promises to do her own spot - don’t miss it ( or Jo’s legs).

Then look who else popped out of kennels - our bumkins Bear and Mica. Yes Bear of the slender rear and his sister Mica of the .........let’s face it....fat bum.

All bottom jokes aside , these two are favourites at kennels. ‘Opposites attract’ they say and it’s certainly true of these pair. Bear ,as usual kept Jo on her icy toes with his love of investigating everything . We wonder if he should be named Sherlock or Pinkerton. Mica is the steady influence and my charge on the walks. She must be the Agatha Christie - the clever one.

Whatever the aspirations of this duo , it’s sure to be of something together and SCAR will do it’s best to make it so.

In the meantime Jo and I get to share in the love, dreams and daytime fantasies of these splendid dogs and we love every minute of it.

Chat soon folks x

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