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Our lad Otis is now ready to find his very own forever family. He’s a funny lad with some even funnier quirks!

He walks well on the lead and is quite happy to have his gear put on ready to explore.  At the start of the walk we met 6!!!!! Yorkies who thought he needed a telling off. No reaction at all, good boy Otis. After the walk we decided he was going to have a go at agility in the outdoor pen. So, he hops over the first obstacle with his front legs and then stops! Why did he stop I hear you say? To pee that’s why! Back to the drawing board with agility then 😂

He wasn’t ready to go back into his kennel so we spent 5 minutes taking some more pictures. Note the last picture here……I can’t believe that tongue fits back in his mouth for one and then what on Earth is going on with the tail Otis? Swinging like a helicopter it was, round and round and following it up with a playful bounce.

Otis is approximately 2 years old and will be neutered prior to adoption. He arrived with us from a council pound because his humans failed to collect him and he was at risk of being PTS due to a lack of space. Due to this, we have no history so he won’t be placed with children under 13 years of age.  He loved watching the squirrels in the trees and bouncing around with the birds so no cats or small furries for this lad please. He could potentially live with a laid back female dog after a successful introduction.

If you think Otis is the boy for you then please complete the adoption form


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