A trip to the Seaside

It’s been a busy week for Kuber and Flo. They finished their vaccination programme and a treat was in order. A trip to the seafront.

‘Come on let’s go !’

Well it was wet, it was windy but their enthusiasm and curiosity wasn’t dampened one bit.

‘Ooh look at that Kuber. The biggest drinking bowl ever .’

‘Come on Flo, let’s go’ said Kuber with a spring in his step as he led his new pal Byron down the path.

His face says it all - this is nice .

Now Flo is the leader of this duo. Appearances can be deceptive. Yep, she's smaller, looks delicate and in need of love BUT this is one tough little cookie.

She is Kuber’s rock and he loves her beyond measure. Flo likes to get out there in the front even though she doesn’t see that well and if she goes too far, her best friend cries. Awwwwww.

They both liked meeting the few people who had ventured out today with their dogs and we had a pleasant meander northwards.

It seemed to me it would be nice to end our lovely day out to see the biggest drinking bowl ever with a little culture. So we took in L S Lowry’s Matchstick Man and Dog.

Well, they were very unimpressed.

No art lovers this pair !

Walk lovers ? Yea they are.

I got a cracking ear wash and face licking as we bundled back in the car to head home .

Ok, I forgive you for not loving L S Lowry , the dog did look a bit thin and it wasn’t an Akita 😂😂

Now if you’re worried about Sky don’t be. She’s not left out and she had her own bit of fun today.

‘Oi where you going ?’ She shouted to the rottie over the wall.

‘Chicken !’

If you think she’s a bit grubby there it’s because she is.

The dirty mochyn decided to take a dip in the dyke while I had my head turned away.

Oh aye, bit of an opportunist she was today cos as I was expressing my horror she shock half the dyke over me.

‘Serves you right for not taking me to see the biggest drinking bowl ever today Alison’.

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