Kennel (wet) Walks

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It’s Friday, it’s wet and it’s walkies day. For Bear and Mica the rain matters not a jot. The welcome they give us can’t be dampened by a drop of the wet stuff from above.

‘Here they come’ we say as these beauties come out of their kennels smiling and happy. We get our usual greetings and rubs and off we go. Jo takes Bear and I take Mica and we amble off down the Lane.

These two opposites live harmoniously together. Bear is the chalk to Mica’s cheese. Mica is the Lady to Bears Tramp. Bear is nosey and loves to check things out, Mica Is laid back and happy to saunter. She keeps her eye on Bear though ‘Don’t you go too far in front ‘ she eyeballs him.

Mica looks at me as if to say ‘Good weather for ducks’ and intermittently she casts me look as if to say ‘Told ya’ every time I complained about the rain. ‘Ok ok, I’ll stop moaning fat bum ‘ I tell her.

Now don’t be shocked , Mica knows full well she has a fat butt and we giggle about it. I told her if she didn’t sit on it so much it wouldn’t be so wide. She casts me one of her looks .

Jo tells Bear his walking is great today and he’s well pleased with himself as he trots proudly by her side. ‘What’s it worth ?’ he asks. An extra 5 mins suggests Jo and that’s exactly what we do. An extra 5 minutes walk and two happy, tired Akitas are returned to kennels in weather suitable only for ducks and happy dogs and walkers.

See you next week lovelies ,

Alison and Jo

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