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Takara and Odin

Sex: M and F

Age: 6 & 4 years

Neutered? Yes

Vaccinated? Yes

Microchipped? Yes

Can live with other dogs? No

Can live with children? 13+

This beautiful mother and son duo came into our care a few weeks ago after their time ran out in the pound. 

Takara is 6 years old and is such a sweetheart. She is very friendly and affectionate with everyone she meets.

Odin is 4 years old and again is a friendly boy. He isn’t quite as trusting as his Mum but is happy to be around people. He is more typical of the breed than she is.

They are a bonded pair and will cry for each other if they aren’t aware of where the other is. We thought seriously about separating them as they had been separate in the pound but they really do belong together. Odin is more reliant on Mum than she is on him. They will need to be the only dogs in the home and no small furries please. They are both strong on the lead and will benefit from being walked on head collars. We think they have had little opportunities for walks and this contributes to their eagerness to explore. Odin is protective around other dogs so any potential adopters will need to have the patience to teach him that these dogs are no threat to him or his Mum.

As we have no history for them they will not be placed with children under 13 years of age.

If you would like to offer this beautiful couple their loving forever home then please complete the adoption form.


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