The Newbies

Busy day at kennels today. Chilly and windy walks. Our lovely woofers weren’t bothered though as they love to sniff the hedgerows and say hello to the walkers passing by.

Bear and Mika came out for a wander first and set of at a pace Usain Bolt would be proud of!

100m and with a breathless Jo and myself, they slowed the pace to accommodate us humans and the rest of our time out together was pleasant. It was cold wet noses all round , 2 black and 2 red when they got back to Aunty Helen and Uncle Piet for tummy rubs.

Then out came our Sky for a jaunt in the cool air. Always happy, this friendly girl loves to stroll round the pond to check out the wildlife . She’s a good girl cos she looks but doesn’t try to touch the ducks that are about. This beautiful girl always goes to Jo for a walk and I think they cook up mischief together.

Mr Kuber trots out next . ‘I’m ready ! I’m ready, I love walkies’ he says. And he does. He glides along all tall and elegant like - wow .

He is accompanied by little Flo who is kinda special. She’s a dear little soul with a few health things going on that we are sorting and God love her she’s so trusting and loves cuddles. Today she had a special bath and was good as gold. She has a worried little look but we’ve told her she’s loved and everything is going to be okay - SCAR will see to that.

Bye woofers, see you next week x

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