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Meet Taka and Zemmei

Sex: Male & Female

Age: 2 & 2.5 years

Neutered? Yes

Vaccinated? Yes

Microchipped? Yes

Can live with other dogs? No

Can live with children? Over 10's only

Taka is almost 2 years old and Zemmei is 2 1/2 years old. They have been in our care for 3 weeks now and haven’t put a foot wrong. They are healthy, friendly, happy and love human interaction.

It’s quite clear when you watch them together that Taka is in charge and Zemmei who is the class clown  is fully aware of this. They have a very strong bond together and as such we are looking for a home for them together.

Whilst obviously resembling the Akita with the breed traits, the Japanese Akita Inu is much more agile and cheeky! They have little quirks that make them very endearing. Zemmei will jump onto things and climb others when on the walk, Taka just takes everything in and watches him acting the fool!

As we are looking to place both dogs together there should be no other dogs in the home. They can live with children ages 10 years and over. They walk quite well on the lead and aren’t much bother at all.

They are a fabulous pair of dogs and will make a great addition to any home.

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