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Alexus checking in

Hi Alexus here

I has not been in touch cos our house has been turned upside down !

Upside down I tell you, cos Aunty Jill turns up wiv an awful poorly girl called Poppy.

Us being us says she was to stay and we woulds be good cos she was awful bad and sad looking.

Besides, if Mam says a dog is coming, it’s coming and that’s that . Even Dada gets told not asked.

Fast forward a few weeks and look what’s happening !!!!!!

Sneaking on mams bed wiv me !

Taking charge of all me toys !

Snoring so the walls suck in and out ! I got her and Merlin at it . It’s a wonder I sleeps at all !

Oh life is peculiar in this house . We never knows when someone extra is going to squeeze in .

Mam says it’s cos we is kind, nice dogs that the poorly ones comes to stay.

Ruby the snoot isn’t kind - she just don’t mix with us rabble 😂

Merlin just sits by Dada, and Dada as you know says nuffin.

We are a funny lot in this house but I loves us xxxx

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