Hubby steps in

Another day, another jumper!

It's been a strange day today as it's the first time my carer/servant has had to leave me.

She left me her hubby and that was nice as he took me for a daytime walk. I did my best walking, and he was impressed. I was however very frightened when there was a loud bang and I clung to the floor shaking. Hubby was very kind and coaxed me back up and loved me better. Some things still bring back bad memories back.

I'm having a bath tomorrow morning as my servant was tired this evening. Really, you cant get the staff these days!

So we have played and cwtched and I met Alexus briefly. She batted me on the head so I batted hers back. All good fun.

Right now I'm in bed with my favourite toys and I'm happy.

Nite nite, love you xx

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