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A Grand Day Out!

It’s a big weekend for Poppy.

Two huge steps taken on her journey to a new life .

First up Poppy met with Uncle Kevin and his girl Ren in Stanley Park for a little guidance on walking etiquette. This was a brilliant session for Poppy .

She was very excited

A park



Wow , all her senses were alive.

Poppy has a healthy interest in everything around her but has never been taught how to behave in public so consequently she gets up on her back legs. Uncle Kevin, whom she loves soon had her walking by dogs with the encouraging ‘come on, come on ‘ as though there’s nothing to see here . Ren showed her that this is all perfectly normal and nothing to get up on your back legs about .

Uncle Kevin and Ren were very impressed with her and for this week we are going to continue this work until Poppy no longer needs reminding that this how it is and normal.

The next big step taken was sitting in the family lounge with everyone to watch TV.

What is a TV 📺? Poor Poppy has never experienced this sort of thing before. So we brought her blanket to sit on and kept her lead on and we all settled down in our favourite spots .

No fuss , just looking at each other, Lexie spying round a chair, Merlin in and out as always and Ruby sleeping behind her favourite chair.

The programme was boring they said and all fell asleep. I class this as a success especially as there’s been playtime in the garden this morning .

Poppy is doing brilliant. Bath time later and another doze in front of the box with the family this evening. What a life eh ? Well deserved girlie, well deserved xxxxx


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