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Bath time


Day 8

It’s been a week , 21 dinners and 3 baths since I came to SCAR . I love my baths .

I was a bit silly and drank some of my bath water and it gave me tummy ache cos of the medicine in it.

I look a bit thin when I am wet but I promise I have been eating my dinners. All 21 of them ! I have never had so many dinners ever !

I have been to the vet too. I’ve had a new tablet because I have mange . It sounds nasty so I gobbled my tablet down like a good girl . I don’t think I like mange - my servant said that’s what makes me itch. Well no more itching for me .

So here I am all squeaky clean and smelling of Canine No 5. I’ve got a date tomorrow so I’ve got to look nice. Who is it ?

Well that’s for tomorrow’s blog. See you soon

Poppy xx


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