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Penny is around 3 years of age and came to us from a council pound after her family failed to collect her.

She is such a sweet and friendly girl with so much love to offer to her new family.

She walks fairly well on the lead but like all Akitas can have her giddy zoomie moments when you least expect! She appears to be friendly with other dogs so could possibly live with a nice natured neutered male after a successful introduction.

Dog savvy children aged 10 years or over will be fine, cats and small furries not so fine.

The pictures show just how much weight she is losing, she is eating fine and is perfectly healthy. But, she is dreadfully upset being shut away in a kennel and she is reacting destructively. She doesn’t destroy her bed but is chewing fixtures and fittings trying to escape. She desperately wants to be loved and needs regular contact from humans. For this reason her new family will need to be around for most of the time whilst she adjusts to family life out of kennels and learns to understand she is safe. We dread to think what the future holds for this sweet girl if we don’t find her a loving home quickly. At the moment she is dropping weight daily through stress, but stress causes so much more than weight loss. She has some Zylkene which is a herbal based treatment for dogs undergoing stress and even that isn’t helping.

If you can foster Penny or would like to adopt her then please complete the adoption form, Penny is located in Stockport and can be rehomed anywhere.

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Is penny still waiting to be fostered or adopted. I live in glasgow, is this to far.

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Hi, she is still waiting and you can apply by completing the adoption form by clicking the link on the page.

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