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Poppy's Arrival

SCAR were called early on Thursday 4/11 and asked if we could help a dog who was seriously ill and in urgent need of help.

Where do we start?

Her pictures do not show the full extent of the suffering she has endured. She is under a year old and has recently had pups. Where are her pups? We have no idea but we assume they must have passed and this is why Mum was no longer wanted. She was still bleeding when she came to us and was clearly very unwell. We rushed her to the vets where she was scanned to make sure nothing serious was going on inside. She had given birth within the last 48-72 hours and thankfully there were no more inside.

She has received emergency care for a serious infection and her treatment is ongoing. The road to recovery both mentally and physically is going to be a slow one for her. She has had her first medicated bath to help ease that nasty itchy skin and was as good as gold, she takes her medication with no fuss almost like she knows it’s to help her 💔. She has some special weight gain supplement and it’s slow and steady at the moment as we don’t want to overload that delicate tummy.

She wants so much to please you. She wants to great you and say hello. She’s too scared to do this so she crawls on her belly with a wag of her tail and hoping for approval. She gets that approval in abundance, even more, she gets encouragement for being brave.

Thursday night she slept the sleep of being rescued and knowing she was safe. She will always be safe, we will make sure of that! She will never suffer again and she will want for nothing.

We are aware that feelings will run high for this girl, believe us you can’t be thinking or saying anything that we haven’t already done. Please keep any negative comments and feelings off this post. We understand your frustration but we want only positivity here for a full and speedy recovery.

Thank you to some very very special people who did everything needed to get this girl safe with us. You all rock and are true Akita Angels.

Let us introduce you to Poppy as named by her rescuers. She is currently in foster and once she is stronger we will be appealing for a longer term foster home.

Trevor has donated the rest of his pocket money to her care and we will be holding some fundraising events to help fund her ongoing care. If you would like to make a donation towards Poppy’s care you can do so by clicking here . We will keep you updated with her progress as she recovers and gains confidence.

Welcome Poppy Poppet, we got you girl and your safe now ❤️❤️❤️


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