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Sex: Male

Age: 5 years

Neutered? No

Vaccinated? Yes

Microchipped? TBC

Can live with other dogs? No

Can live with children? 13+

Location: -

Warning - Hankies to the ready!


This is absolutely heartbreaking story. This poor boy was rescued after spending 6 months alone, with only 1 short visit per day.


His rescuer came across Chop, who was advertised on social media. She was horrified to read he was living alone and had been for the past 6 months. Shockingly this neglected lad, was given a token visit per day where the minimal amount of time was spent with him. When his rescuer saw Chop and his desperate living conditions, she was appalled and knew that she couldn’t leave him to his fate.


Since then, Chop has been living happily with his rescuer in a safe and loving home, now however, he faces yet another trauma as his saviour has tragically been diagnosed with a terminal illness and will be unable to care for him.


Despite his horrendous experiences Chop is super friendly and alert. He now has a very good knowledge of basic commands, sit, stay, paw, and of course he loves a treat or two, and has come such a long way with in his training in such a short time.


Unsurprisingly, Chop is beyond excited to be out and about. He readily laps up all the sights, sounds and smells that were denied to him for so long. He is strong on the lead, but this is easily resolved by use of a head collar, so don’t be put off by thinking that his walks will be difficult.


Chop has no separation anxieties, as he was used to only having his own company, but this boy absolutely loves the reassurance of hugs and cuddle. A kiss on the top of his head is everything to him and he will reciprocate with such affection.


Chop has been around children of all ages in his rescuers home, and can live with dog savvy children of 8 years and above.


If Chop’s story has tugged on your heart strings, even just a little, and like us, you can’t bear for him to go through another trauma on his own again, please don’t delay or hesitate, simply complete the adoption form


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