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Sex: Female

Age: 7 years

Neutered? Yes

Vaccinated? Yes

Microchipped? No

Can live with other dogs? Yes

Can live with children? 10+

Location: -

Bella is another Akita with sad story to tell. 

This beautiful little girl was rescued from her first home by her present owner, as she was not in a good place and was being abused. Bella was found to have numerous cuts and abrasions to her body. She has now been restored and is healthy with a glowing coat and bright, hopeful eyes. 

Bella’s temperament has not suffered from her earlier ordeal. She is a gentle, sweet natured soul, who is desperate to please and who simply loves giving and receiving affection. 

We found that Bella enjoys time outdoors and walks beautifully on her lead. She is inquisitive and likes to take in all the sights and smells. She is not concerned by other dogs that pass by, or that crosses her path. She is alert, but calm and is not phased by anything. 

Bella has an understanding of basic commands - sit, stay and paw. She is happy to give kisses and affection and is always hoping that a small treat will be her reward. 

We are aware that Bella has got some guarding issues where her food bowl is concerned. This is likely to have resulted from when her meals were sometimes missed out. A fair bit of work has already taken place with Bella, to allay her fears about food, and on-going training will be required to continue to help her in this respect. Bella does not have any guarding issues with her toys, it is only with her food bowl. 

It is with sadness that Bella’s current owner is suffering with health issues and needs to move back into the family home, to receive the care and support that is required. The family home has already got 2 resident dogs, 1 of which has taken exception to Bella, and that is the reason she is now seeking a new home, where she would like to be the only dog. 

If you can give this girl the attention and love that she desperately wants please please complete an adoption form.


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