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Name: Brownie

Age: 1

Gender: Male

Microchipped: Yes

Neutered/spayed: No

Live with children: No

Dog friendly: Yes

Location: Watford


Brownie came into rescue at 16 weeks of age with his 4 siblings. They were beautiful puppies and all of them were lucky enough to find new homes quickly. SCAR pride ourselves in getting it right when we select the families lucky enough to share their lives with one of our precious dogs. Sadly, we didn’t get it right with Brownie and he was returned to our care last week as per his rescue back up which is for life.

So, what do we know about him now? We know that he is even more handsome than he was before he left us. We know that he is a cheeky little monkey: most of all, we know that he is a great big lump of a cuddle bug! Brownie wants to be a lap dog. He is too big for this so will just lay his head on your knee for a cuddle. He is adorable!

Now for the rest. Brownie has an eye condition called microphthalmia which literally means “small eyes”. This means that whilst Brownie can see, it is limited. This means all of his other senses are heightened. He has excellent hearing and can hear his food being prepared from 15 miles away! He has learnt to open doors and take himself off wherever he wants to. He hasn’t had any real lead training so is very excited to be out and will initially pull, he does settle after a short while.

Brownie could live with a female dog after a successful introduction. We aren’t fully sure about cats or small furries.

He is back with foster Mum Vikki now and is already responding so well and understanding what she expects. Brownie likes structure, he likes to know what’s expected of him with no confusion.

He really is such a friendly dog so if he is the boy for you then please register your interest by completing the adoption form


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