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Sex: M

Age: 5 years

Microchipped? Yes

Can live with other dogs? No

Can live with children? Yes

PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE FOR FOSTER. Our beautiful boy Louis is now ready to start his search for a kind and understanding foster home. Just look how well he is doing ❤️


Sadly Louis has an auto immune condition called Sebaceous Adenitis. This means his skin becomes very dry and crusty and it can also be quite sore for him. He is on medication that is helping with the condition a great deal and we are seeing lots of lovely new coat growth. He also has to have regular baths to help his skin. In return for your love and commitment Louis will give you more love than you could ever imagine and he will be a loyal and faithful companion.


Louis has had a rotten life up until joining the SCAR family with his sister Olivia. We don’t normally split bonded pairs as we believe they should stay together as one often relies on the other for comfort and security. However, since arriving with us and starting to have life’s little comforts like toys and treats, it has become apparent that Louis doesn’t want to share these things with Olivia and there have been a few squabbles between the two dogs.


The dogs deserve toys and treats, they’ve gone long enough without them so we have made the sad decision to split them. They are both perfectly happy away from each other and Louis just wants his toys!


Louis is looking for a foster home where he will be the only dog. He has lived with a cat before but this doesn’t guarantee he will do so again so consideration should be given to this. Older children aged 10 plus will be fine. SCAR will continue to pay for Louis medication and vet treatment as well as his food and toys.


Are you the family he is looking for? Please do consider taking a poor unfortunate soul like Louis. Lived outside all his life and spent the last two years with an untreated medical condition. He deserves some happiness.


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